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Dated: January 16 2021

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Real estate marketing is constantly evolving, but no one could have predicted the drastic changes that took place in the industry last year. The pandemic forced agents to adopt a slew of digital tools and platforms, from virtual tours and live social media videos to Zoom and FaceTime meetings becoming the norm. The adoption of digital marketing tools was unprecedented, and it’s put the industry on a new course from a marketing perspective. 

Though these 5 real estate marketing predictions are certainly not guaranteed to happen, they’re very likely to take place in 2021 given the way things are trending. Here are five real estate marketing predictions for 2021. 


2021 Real Estate Marketing Trends

  1. Video will become the medium of choice

  2. Agents will become even more social media savvy

  3. Selling points will shift

  4. 2021 will be the year of the new website

  5. Agents will begin using automation tools


1. Video will become the medium of choice for agents

Agents that aren’t already creating video content are at a disadvantage at the moment, as COVID-19 has forced many buyers and sellers to evaluate agents over video. Many agents began utilizing video after being forced to work from home last March, and those that committed to the medium have reaped the benefits. Consumers are watching more videos and communicating over Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, and that trend isn’t likely to change in 2021. 

We’d expect an increasing number of agents to produce videos for their websites, social media channels, newsletters, and even just as a way to interact with potential clients this year. The medium is safe, effective, informative, and entertaining (if done right), so don’t go into 2021 without outlining a video marketing strategy

You’ll also want to make sure that you offer virtual tours of your listings to potential buyers.


2. The majority of real estate agents will become social media savvy

Most agents use social media to communicate with clients and to find potential buyers and sellers, and we’d only anticipate the quality of content produced by agents to increase in 2021. Real estate agents have to keep up with marketing trends out of necessity, and the industry, in general, has done a good job of adopting social media as a marketing tool. New and experienced agents alike will be investing more time and money into developing a real estate marketing calendar and growing a social media presence

To help agents take advantage of social media marketing, we’d also expect more brokerages to offer social media training classes, sessions about paid digital advertising options, and marketing tools to their agents. This is likely to become a large part of brokerage recruitment messaging in 2021.


3. Selling points will shift 

Plenty of market shifts have taken place in the last year, and we’d expect things to continue to change in 2021. Agents this year will be highlighting new features when selling their properties to match buyer trends. Things that only a short time ago were not in high demand have taken center stage, so expect to see things like home offices, second home offices, large porches, spacious backyards, and home gardens to be higher up in the property description than in years past. 

With more people working from home, we’d also expect commuting times to become less of a sticking point for buyers and movement towards mid-size cities to be more common in 2021. Living in densely populated areas has become less desirable since the COVID-19 pandemic, understandably. Buyers’ needs are changing, so anticipate marketing campaigns to move with them. 

Lastly, we’d expect a large number of marketing materials in 2021 to focus on the low-interest rates we’re currently experiencing. It’s very likely that interest rates in 2021 will remain depressed, which should keep the housing market trending upward. Agents will work these attractive rates into their messaging to help entice potential buyers to come off the sidelines.


4. 2021 will be the year of the new website 

With the world moving even further online in 2020, 2021 should see many agents evaluating their current online setup. Evaluating your website is never an easy task, but it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re set up with a functioning, engaging website that operates just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer. 

Agents are realizing that a personal website is the best kind of marketing tool, given that it can be a lead funnel that drives business. Linking from your social media channels to your personal website gives you plenty of opportunities to market to people who visit your website, and to gauge what kinds of content interests your audience. If you notice large numbers of people heading to your website to learn about a specific neighbourhood or area, then you know where to focus your marketing dollars. Your website’s analytics can provide you with extremely useful data points. 

Making it even more alluring is the cost-benefit ratio of setting up a new personal website. Building a new website is often just a one-time fee, and it can help you generate leads for years to come. The benefits of personal branding have long been known in the real estate industry, and a personal website is one of the best ways to take establish your brand. 

5. Agents will become more familiar with automation 

Given that three of the four marketing predictions above focus on the digital realm, it stands to reason that digital automation will become more popular amongst agents, making it’s growth our fifth prediction. 

Agents that were digital marketing first adopters will also likely be the first to test automation strategies, to help lighten the load of all of the digital marketing channels that have become useful. Having leads forward from your website’s contact form or a Facebook messenger form to your phone via text message, using social media schedulers with automated advertising features, and using tools that transcribe and add captions to your videos are some of the first places we’d expect automation to take hold. As marketing moves even more towards digital spaces in 2021, automation will only become higher in demand. It’s a trend that should tick upward for years to come. 

There’s good reason to think that the five predictions above will take place this year, but as 2020 taught us, anything can happen and nothing is guaranteed. We hope that these predictions will help you determine what avenues to explore when laying out your 2021 marketing strategy. 

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